52 x 7 mins
There's always something strange going on in the “Bois-Touffu” forest: an animal that disappears? An odd footprint in a burrow? A strange shape haunting the thickets? Don't panic: Little Vixen and Snail - the forest detectives - are on the case, ready to solve the investigation. Armed only with their exceptional sense of smell and logic, Little Vixen and Snail analyse the clues, question the witnesses, follow the leads, formulate hypotheses and always discover the truth... even if sometimes it could almost have escaped them!

Burcu & Geoffrey

Burcu & Geoffrey started directing projects together during their studies. This young and talented duo is composed of Burcu, a young woman from Istanbul who is passionate about illustration and design. And Geoffrey, a Frenchman who is fascinated in 3D animation as well as the technical aspect of the art form. Together they directed the short animated film, "Tant de Forêts," as part of a Jacques Prévert collection that was broadcasted on France 3.

Fanny Courtillot

Fanny Courtillot is a brilliant screenwriter with a deep sensitivity and a love for kid's animation. She's recently worked on "Moka's fabulous adventures" and "Chip'N'Dale" for Disney. Recently, she's worked on shows like "Mogu & Perol" and "Les Gardes Chimères".

James Hagger

James Hagger is the founder and producer of ELIOTNESS. In the last 14 years James has produced over a hundred live action and animated films, from fictions to documentaries, to short films and commercials.

Robin Noël

Robin began his career in feature films alongside Eric Toledano and Olivier Nakache for the company Quad Films, assisting them on internationally acclaimed films. He joined ELIOTNESS in 2020, sharing founder James Hagger's ambition to develop and carry ambitious long format projects, blurring the imposed boundaries of genre.
Format: 52 x 7 mins
Synopsis :

“Paws & Clues” is a series of mystery and discovery about forest animals, their environment, and their hidden features. In each episode, Little Vixen and Snail are confronted with a new mystery. Who stole Deer’s antlers? Where has Caterpillar disappeared to? What is this winged menace whose cries we hear but never see?

As close as possible to the codes of the detective series (as in Agatha Christie or Arthur Conan Doyle), our two investigators gather witnesses, ‘subtly’ question suspects, look for evidence in unexpected places, and interweave their thoughts to successfully complete their investigations.

Through playful, funny, and engaging stories, we learn more about an animal or a plant, how they behave in their environment, etc. At the end of each episode, our two investigators unravel the enigma, and we learn with them a truth about the natural world sourrounding us. We learn, for example, that the caterpillar transforms into a butterfly and gains new defence and locomotion abilities. Each piece of information expands our knowledge of living things.